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You look more attractive

When you are nice

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Hey, are you a cute little thing? Or just plain hot?
But are you also a little sick of communities for nonugly people where the people are just fucking mean?
Do you want a community where the niceness rule actually means something?
Do you find yourself thinking, "Damn, I want to be nice!"
This is the community for you, my friend.
Because the biggest rule deals with niceness and respect. Be nice, especially if you are already in the community, because otherwise you set a bad example.
What other rules might there perchance be?
Well, okay, pal, here it goes:
1. At least make the attempt to be active. You're not going to be removed if you aren't, but you aren't going to have an awesome community, either.
2. Yeah, okay, the niceness rule. If you have to say "not to be mean, but" or even *think* it might be mean, just don't say it. Why would you say it, if you don't mean it mean?
3. Okay, so really that is it.

So, you think this revolutionary idea appeals to you? Want to know how to apply?
1. Post a little bit about yourself. Okay, so if you aren't sure how much is adequate, just post like a paragraph or two of things about you that you think are pretty interesting.
2. Post pics with it. If you have a mole, you aren't disqualified. Beauty radiates in many forms. If you don't know how to post pics, just put that or im on aim, and our moderator can help you out.
3. Wait to be accepted or rejected. You have to wait until you are accepted to post again or to comment in other entries besides your own. However, I know mistakes are made, so this whole warning/ban thing is bullshit. We're not going to ban you unless you are mean, honestly.

Good luck and have a wonderful day!