Fruit On The Bottom, Hope On The Top (kirch_it_up) wrote in nonuglynice,
Fruit On The Bottom, Hope On The Top

i was in the cold for like 3 hours last night.
never again.
my mom has gotten a car she claims i'll be able to reach the pedals in, possibly even without a pillow.
so, i went up and got the learner's permit. the test was so easy that it pissed me off. because the one we had to take in highschool was way more in depth and strict. i mean, sonnuvabitch!
so, i think i'll be on the road soon. yay!
and i finally got my math book. FINALLY. no more d's on tests cuz that made me really upset!
the bookstore lady let me in on the know about a dollar book sale on monday. i'm going, i'm getting. they had awesome theatre books and like stage makeup and all that jazz. i might also get statistics since i can start studying to get ready to take the class since i heard it is really hard. and i might get abnormal psych just cuz it interests me. we'll see on what i can get. sweet!
i got stuff today:
-a pencil with king kong holding the airplane affixed on the top...and it's pink
-cute lil jewelries.
-valentines..i may make another valentines day, like i did junior year. we'll see.
-goosebumps school planner.
-label stickers to write pro gay rights and prochoice stuff on and affix to my bag.
-pretty socks with lotus flowers on them, like 6 pairs in different colors.
-save the last dance and monty python's and now for something different
-sexy boys gift bag
-sexy boy nail file
i know. i know. you're thinking "sometimes you are too cool for your own good, kirch."...and you're right. ;)
oh yeah, big time important!
i registered to vote and i go "this is my bye bye bush card" and the dmv guy cracked up...
um...that might be it, i guess. if there was more, i'll tell you later.
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